The Robot Lab in our Basement

Written by Erica Nowak, Digital Communications Specialist

Visitors to the DASI Solutions headquarters are met with the usual markers of a bustling office: cubicles, conference rooms and coffee pots. However, take the back entrance into the basement level and you’ll be met with something entirely unexpected: a Robot Lab.

Don’t worry, no robot dogs plotting take over. Just a motivated group of high school students getting hands-on STEM education through the creation of a competition robot. 

Since 2018, DASI Solutions has hosted the International Academy Las Guerrillas Team 469. The team is part of the greater FIRST Robotics organization, a worldwide robotics competition for high school students. Each year, teams, coaches and mentors work during a six-week period to build game-playing robots that weigh up to 125 pounds.

The Las Guerrillas has been active since 2000 and consists of 41 high school students from International Academy and the surrounding Oakland Country area. The students are united by their love of engineering and guided by the motto, “We do it as a team!” Throughout their history the Las Guerrillas have racked up regional and district titles, with their largest triumph being the 2014 World Championship title.

DASI Solutions offers workshop space to Team 469, but their sponsorship of FIRST Robotics extends beyond local. DASI is active in supporting student Robotics Teams across the regions we serve by helping implement the SOLIDWORKS sponsorship packages available to all FIRST Robotics teams.

With SOLIDWORKS sponsorship teams receive: SOLIDWORKS Software (3D CAD, Electrical, Simulation and Composer), custom tutorials and a kit of parts.

The real fun comes at competition time, culminating at the FIRST Robotics Championship. These photos are from last year’s championship in Detroit. The challenge entailed lifting cubes and stacking them on a scale in order to tip it in your favor, with bonus points earned if your bot could climb the ladder at the center of the scale.

Las Guerrillas is just one team of 1,400 that will gather from over 70 countries to compete at the FIRST Robotics Championship in 2019.

This year’s event offers a fresh new challenge revolving around a ‘DEEP SPACE’ theme and a game including rockets, cargo and hatch covers. The event will once again take up residence in downtown Detroit, April 24-27. DASI Solutions will be on hand to represent the SOLIDWORKS community and cheer on our Las Guerrillas. Come and say hi!

For more information regarding FIRST Robotics and the SOLIDWORKS team sponsorship, Click Here

FIRST Robotics event photography courtesy of Daniel Erst.

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