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Restrain Your Models Before Restraining Yourself: Soft Springs and Inertial Relief

Written by Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

Have you ever leaned back on the backrest of your chair, and then realize that you didn’t have a backrest?  Though this “simulation” can be comedic for onlookers, if you try to simulate this type of event using a Static analysis (included in SolidWorks Simulation) you will either a get an error messages, or it will send your model into outer space. So how do you stabilize your model?

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Assembly Modeling using Top Down Design

Written by Jared Spaniol, Elite Application Engineer

When working with assemblies in SOLIDWORKS there are always a few common questions that come up like where to start, what should my base component be, how can I reference other components, what is top-down or bottom-up modeling, which method should be used etc. In this webinar preview I’m going to tackle these questions and more.

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Call for SOLIDWORKS Artwork

DASI Solutions is excited to support the Pontiac Art Crawl on May 3rd.  As part of our participation, DASI will be displaying SOLIDWORKS renderings and CAD models at our headquarters. If you have any SOLIDWORKS projects with artistic value please share them so they can be used in our display!

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What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2019: Weldments – Structure System

Written by Mark Downey, Application Engineer

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Deploying SOLIDWORKS PDM Templates

Written by Bryce Hooper, Application Engineer

The power of PDM templates has the potential to radically change how files are created.  We’ll see here how we can use them to create folder structures, files from existing templates inside of PDM as well as through SolidWorks using inputs to create a semi-intelligent part number system.  All done while gathering information one time to reduce the number of clicks and keystrokes to create the same things manually.

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