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Why PDM?

Ever find yourself browsing to a path that looks like this S:\Engineering\Product\Tooling\Bob’sStuff\SubFolder\AnotherSubFolder\Extra FolderJustBecause\New\Latest\CustomerChange15\Latest… ? Or maybe when you finally get there you find yourself wondering if the “NewNewLatestCustomerPart_New_latest.sldprt” is actually the part you’re looking for?? How can you tell if … Continue reading

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Large Assembly Performance (or the lack thereof…)

Solidworks has added some tools over the last few years to help with large assembly performance. There are quite a few so I wanted to also take the time to discuss their differences and when you may want to use … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Toolbox

There’s nothing like looking around your garage for screws you saved from another project and then when you are ready to use them you can’t find them to save your life… Of course you couldn’t just throw them away because you just … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Customizing SolidWorks

Let’s talk about customizing your seat of SolidWorks. There are many ways to customize SolidWorks that you probably won’t remember to use all of them. I thought I’d go over a few. The Customize tool pull down has lots of different … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Hardware

Have you ever felt like “that guy” in the office? We’ve all been there, working away and finally hitting a good stride for the day, when all of the sudden something starts to go strangely wrong. Your display begins to … Continue reading