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Enterprise Licensing Made Simple

You’ve anticipated installing a newer version of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM for the last month. You’ve let everyone know of the impending update. You’ve downloaded the latest service pack from You’ve made backups of your SQL databases. You’ve ensured the … Continue reading

Checking Out the Enterprise PDM Check In Window

The SolidWorks Enterprise PDM check in window tells us a lot about the files that we and our organization interact with on a daily basis. Often times, this window may be viewed as ‘just another click’ to get our files … Continue reading

Using Enterprise PDM Search to Identify Missing Metadata

When talking about custom variables (custom properties) in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, one could argue that they are the backbone of harnessing the power of the tool. They are used to identify files, track approvals, and even provide quick reference without … Continue reading

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Off-Line Mode and You

Offline mode is a very useful feature that most users enter once in a while. Some of those users are road warriors who may need to work on files while away from the office while others accidently enter the mode … Continue reading

Simplify Your Life With Simple Macros

Quite often when the word ‘automation’ comes up in CAD discussions, we think of elaborate equations and programs that allow a user to enter in a few values and a factory is generated. While that actuality is quite real and … Continue reading