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Jobs and Technology

I guess that the economy in our great state of Michigan has begun to turn around! How can I tell? You can listen to the news reports we hear on the radio and television, or to the speeches and sound … Continue reading

Happy Sweet 16, SolidWorks!!! And THANK YOU!

That’s right! On a historic day in November of 1995, SolidWorks 95 was first released to the public. Then, I was still a year away from graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Engineering Graphics… That’s a Mechanical Engineering … Continue reading

The Future of SolidWorks Has ‘Always’ Been in YOUR Hands

Here we are again… The first “What’s New in SolidWorks 2012” rollout is about a week away. I consider myself privileged to have now been witness to 18 of the 20 SolidWorks new version rollouts since SolidWorks ’95 was released back in November of … Continue reading

Control YOUR OWN Future… Beta Test!

We have just begun a yearly activity that to some of us in the business is as anticipated as the years’ first round of golf… the traditional opening of the pool on Memorial Day weekend, or the start of hunting season in … Continue reading

“Time” is a Four Letter Word

Whenever I have a deadline looming, a calendar alarm ringing or feeling pressed for time I think back to a play my children did in grade school… “Time, it’s a Four Letter Word.” That play taught the kids a number … Continue reading