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PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: solidThinking Inspire

Guest blog written by solidThinking Current Paradigm In recent years, the concept of simulation-driven design has gained significant popularity. Design-embedded simulation tools help companies verify designs without relying on consultants or expensive, difficult-to-use packages of yesteryear that were the status … Continue reading

The Ultimate 2-Handed Design

[Partner Product Spotlight] Written for DASI Solutions by 3Dconnexion Imagine going through your day with one hand tied behind your back. Think of all the things you do on a daily basis for which you use two hands. Getting dressed, making a … Continue reading

Ongoing Professional Development for CAD Teams

[Monthly Partner Product Spotlight] Written for DASI Solutions by SolidProfessor  With advanced design software like SOLIDWORKS, it is essential to ensure your team is fully utilizing its capabilities in order to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS investment. It … Continue reading

You Need to Optimize That!

[Monthly Partner Product Spotlight] Written for DASI Solutions by solidThinking: Inspire High-end engineering optimization tools have been around for a good part of the past three decades, however, these tools were often highly complex and used by only a small group … Continue reading

Logopress3 – Die Design Software with Flattening & Nesting Software

[Monthly Partner Product Spotlight] Written for DASI Solutions by Accurate Die Design Software, Inc. Logopress Corp. has been developing die design software longer than any other 3D die design software developer in the world, and is also the only company that … Continue reading