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Creating a Testing Vault for PDM Professional or Standard

Written by Michael Nolte, Application Engineer From time to time, there is a need to create a test environment so that any potential changes to a PDM vault can be tested away from the production vault or a vault that … Continue reading

SOLIDWORKS PDM Forms Series Part 1: Excel Documents as Forms

Written by: Bryce Hooper, Application Engineer Filling out forms is always a drag. Automating those forms with data cards and transition updates is a great way to alleviate that burden. There are many forms we see around the industry, so … Continue reading

Updated Way to Unblock Securities for DropBox and FTP Links

Written by: Peter Estes, Application Engineer Here at DASI, we get several requests for the Download files of a desired SOLIDWORKS version. We will share these large download files as a zip file through Dropbox or our FTP site. With … Continue reading

Document Your Design with Comments

Written by Joseph Richter, Application Engineer: Planning out your product design with great Design Intent makes your part and assembly models easy to change, but only if your intentions are CLEAR to anyone else who needs to make changes. Deadlines, … Continue reading

Horseshoes & Motion Analysis

Written by Brad Rach, Application Engineer With SOLIDWORKS we are readily able to quickly model nearly anything we need to build in the real world. Furthermore, within assemblies we can utilize mates to build in a virtual-reality aspect and really … Continue reading