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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Installation Guide

Written by Marty Adams, Technical Support Engineer With most electrical projects, large or small, a little forward planning goes a long way. A wrong connection can be a minor, or major, problem. I’m not a big fan of either. I … Continue reading

Why Won’t My Wires Route in SOLIDWORKS Electrical? Part 2

Written by Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Application Specialist In part 1 of this series, we discussed the Wire, Component, and 3D model. Now, let’s discuss the Route itself and all the parameters and parts required for it’s successful functionality.  These areas are … Continue reading

Reduce Cycle Times and Tool Wear with Volumil – SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional

Written by Marty Bucholz, Technical Support Engineer The modern machine shop is always on the go. In order to meet customer demands we must make the most of our machines and cut down on cycle times. Taking advantage of the … Continue reading

WIN the 3D Printed Throne

The excitement for the final season of GOT has bubbled over at the DASI offices so we decided to share the fun with a CONTEST: Winner takes the (3D printed) Throne!

Assembly Modeling using Top Down Design

Written by Jared Spaniol, Elite Application Engineer When working with assemblies in SOLIDWORKS there are always a few common questions that come up like where to start, what should my base component be, how can I reference other components, what … Continue reading