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How to Gain Control of your SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses with an Option File


Written by: Michael Nolte, Application Engineer

When working with SOLIDWORKS Network License(s) or “Floating” SOLIDWORKS license(s), there are times that installing and activating just isn’t enough for your company. There are times, when a company gets big enough, that licenses need to be managed by either what group is allowed to use certain products, or by which products are returned faster when sitting idle. This is where the need for an Option File for the SolidNetwork License Manager Server is a great solution.

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What’s New in 2018 – The Topology Study

New Features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Written by: Jared Spaniol, Elite Application Engineer

SOLIDWORKS has done a great job of adding more value to the software year over year and SOLIDWORKS 2018 is no exception. SOLIDWORKS 2018 has seen the addition of many great features, but none as powerful as the new Topology Study option in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Premium packages. There is software available that only does Topology optimization and nothing else, so having this rolled into SOLIDWORKS is a significant addition.

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DASI customer Quick Built, based in Shelby Township, MI, is seeking a qualified candidate with SOLIDWORKS experience to join their their team as a CAD designer.

Job Summary

The CAD designer is responsible for creating, detailing and maintaining 2D prints and 3D models of secondary machines for the automotive industry. The position will also require supporting assembly with troubleshooting, last minute print/model changes and assembly direction. Position is located in Shelby Twp. Michigan.

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Tips to Make SOLIDWORKS Easier to See


Written by: Joseph Richter, Application Engineer

There are many reasons for improving visibility in SOLIDWORKS. For example, if you wear glasses or if you’re giving a presentation in SOLIDWORKS.

There was a recent, ala 2016, major adjustment to the SOLIDWORKS interface. The Icons were vectorized to allow for the scaling necessary for display on 4K monitors, so interface elements could be seen clearly. Another adjustment at the same time was the colors to the interface (based on enhancement requests to accommodate color blind users, which if this affects you check out http://enchroma.com).

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Collecting Tech Support Data – Thinking Outside the Box

Tech Support Tips

Written by: Bryce Hooper, Application Engineer

Sometimes we just can’t collect enough or the right data to determine what our issue may be. In that case, we have to think outside the box to capture what we’re doing or how things are crashing.

Luckily, Microsoft provides us with 2 ways to do this in a Windows environment.

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