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SOLIDWORKS Two-Minute Tech Tip – Create Internal Volume

Darin at DASI - SOLIDWORKS Two Minute Tech Tip

Written by: Darin J. Grosser, CSWE

I’m Darin @ DASI, and THIS is a SolidWorks – Two Minute Tech Tip!!

Internal Fluid Volumes Made Easy…

Designing Solid Geometry is obviously what we are built to do, but in many cases, users also need to know how much Fluid or Air is contained in their Parts or Systems.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduced a new option in the Intersect Tool created specifically for this purpose. It’s called Create Internal Volumes.

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Renaming Assemblies: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tech Tip

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tech Tip

Written by: Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Application Specialist

Renaming an Assembly in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Did you know that you can actually change the names of the 3D assemblies that SOLIDWORKS Electrical makes?? Tired of trying to figure out what the assembly is with the naming convention that it comes up with?

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3Dconnexion: How Using a 3D Mouse Can Improve the Design Process

3Dconnexion 3D Mouse

[Monthly Partner Product Spotlight] 

Originally posted to the 3DxBlog by Antonio Pascucci on November 28, 2012

As design and manufacturing software / hardware continue to advance the capabilities for CAD engineers more than ever before, how do you know what will benefit you the most? When it comes to motion control, standard mice and trackballs can get the job done, but 3D mice are specifically designed to enhance just that—three-dimensional design.

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Career Day at DASI Solutions!

Career Day

Written by: Kayla Savale, Marketing Coordinator

Do you remember what your dream career was when you were 12? Was it a lawyer, a doctor, a musician or an architect? Think back to the day when you finally decided where life would take you. Was there a defining moment, a mentor who guided you to making your decision?

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Installing Multiple Versions of SOLIDWORKS

Installing Multiple Versions of SOLIDWORKS

Written by Greg Dawes, Application Engineer

It is more common than ever to have customers and vendors share their SOLIDWORKS data. The primary challenge in sharing SOLIDWORKS data between two engineering departments is mismatching versions of SOLIDWORKS CAD software.

Some engineering departments upgrade to the newest release of SOLIDWORKS as soon as it’s available, others wait for Service Pack 3, some stay a full year behind by upgrading when Service Pack 5 is released, and others even upgrade every other year.

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