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Employee Spotlight: Jerald Staley

Meet Jerald Staley


What is your role at DASI?

Help Desk Support Manager

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Setting Up Your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Template

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Yield Template

Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

If you are tired of repeatedly changing settings for every new Simulation study you create, you may want to consider going to your Default Options (see below) and making a few customizations. With a few exceptions, these options are only applied to any NEW study that you create, so these options behave like a template for your Simulations. I’ve listed out some of my favorite customizations, but you might tweak these to better suit your needs.

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Technology Justification, Where Does the Value Lie? (Part 2)

Provide a Simple ROI - Return on Investment

Written by Dennis Strieter, Product Manager

In Part One, we looked at the “Simple ROI” approach. As you’ll recall, this is based heavily on how a new technology can save you Time. It tells you how much time you need to save to justify an investment in new technology.

While at DASI Solutions, I’ve also had the pleasure to work with prospects and customers who want to understand how technology will impact their company. Sometimes the technology and its benefits are obvious. A decision can be reached very quickly.

More and more often, though, that decision comes in the form of doing some type of a technology justification, or return-on-investment (ROI). In this situation, you’re probably going to create a report for upper management. Any time this is the situation you should first learn what type of information they’ll expect to see. Not doing so is a recipe for wasted time. …And we’ve already discussed the value of time!

In part two, I’ll take a look at two other considerations for an ROI report…

  1. Determine how your ROI will be used?
  2. Understand who will be reading your ROI report?

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Make SOLIDWORKS Portable on a Microsoft Surface Book!

Microsoft Surface Book Laptop

Written by Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager

One common question that our customers have revolves around the hardware required to run SOLIDWORKS software. One of our Account Managers, Bill Baird, recently ran into a customer who was using SOLIDWORKS on a Microsoft Surface Book, something that a number of customers wondered if it was even possible. So we took a minute to catch up with this customer to see what his experience with the Microsoft Surface Book had been like.

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Speed Through Laziness

R2D2 in SOLIDWORKS with Mouse Gestures

Written by: Ryan Cole, Application Engineer

I think laziness gets a bad rap. Sure, it can mean slothful or inactive, but in this case I am talking about how it encourages efficiency! Think about it, they are synonymous: lazy can mean less work and efficient can mean less work. See? Here are some tools that can make you more efficient but really in the long run, you’re just being lazy…

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