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Legacy Data: Reconciling Revisions

SOLIDWORKS PDM (Standard or Professional) is a wonderful way to organize and streamline productivity in an engineering environment. All departments of an organization can benefit whether you are engineering, management, manufacturing, or sales. Whether you are just starting your engineering efforts or you have a long history of development and design, you will most likely need to bring in legacy data or files that have been previously revised (such as customer data).  I would like to introduce a new feature in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 aimed to assist in just that: set revision.

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The Millennium Falcon of Large Assembly Techniques

Written by: Ryan Cole, Application Engineer

Recently, Dave Kramer wrote a great article on handling large assemblies. If you haven’t seen the article, you should really check it out! I wanted to dovetail in on what he wrote about with a different technique that I have played with over the last couple of years. Just like the careers of many engineers and designers that I know, it all started with LEGO building blocks!

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Employee Spotlight: John MacArthur (Senior Elite Application Engineer)

Employee Spotlight on Application Engineer, John MacArthur


What is your role at DASI?

Senior Elite Application Engineer (aka SOLIDWORKS Jedi)

Some days I travel all over Michigan to various customers for mentoring services or PDM implementations, other days I work support and assist customers with their issues. I’m also a certified trainer so you’ll also find me training users in one of our multiple offices. But, the most common task I do for DASI is Demos. I specialize in “custom” demos, where I show potential customers how the SOLIDWORKS solutions can make their jobs better.

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Quick Tips: SOLIDWORKS License Information

How many times have you heard about a certain SOLIDWORKS feature, only to find out it is only available in Premium but you have no idea what version you are running?

Or maybe you always hear about new service packs, but have no idea which one your company is currently running?

Do you sometimes just need to know where your serial number is?

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016

Written by Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

In case you missed our What’s New in SolidWorks Simulation 2016 webinar, here’s the summary of my favorite enhancements with some additional details not covered in the What’s new PDF. (Page numbers shown below may vary)

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