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Creating Custom Weldments is Easy

Written by: Jared Spaniol, Application Engineer, CSWE SOLIDWORKS comes with many features and files loaded “out of the box”.  This is a great starting point for users, but many times users require more custom sizes to continue with their designs. … Continue reading

Setting Up Your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Template

Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer If you are tired of repeatedly changing settings for every new Simulation study you create, you may want to consider going to your Default Options (see below) and making a few customizations. With a … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Toolbox

There’s nothing like looking around your garage for screws you saved from another project and then when you are ready to use them you can’t find them to save your life… Of course you couldn’t just throw them away because you just … Continue reading

Simplify Your Life With Simple Macros

Quite often when the word ‘automation’ comes up in CAD discussions, we think of elaborate equations and programs that allow a user to enter in a few values and a factory is generated. While that actuality is quite real and … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Customizing SolidWorks

Let’s talk about customizing your seat of SolidWorks. There are many ways to customize SolidWorks that you probably won’t remember to use all of them. I thought I’d go over a few. The Customize tool pull down has lots of different … Continue reading