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Employee Spotlight: Keri Dunigan (Receptionist)

DASI LIFE What is your role at DASI? My role at DASI is Jack of “Some Trades”  🙂

Employee Spotlight: Bryon Morell (Sales Manager)

DASI LIFE What is your role at DASI? Recently, I moved into a Sales Manager role with the goal of helping our reps, as well as the customers, better understand how our tools and solutions assist in meeting the engineering … Continue reading

Employee Spotlight: Darin Grosser (Engineer – Elite AE)

I can hardly remember life before SolidWorks……before I met David and Richard Darbyshire……and that’s not a bad thing at all! Nearly 19 years ago, thru an amazing chain of events… was ‘happening’ while I was making plans. One day my … Continue reading

Employee Spotlight: Laura Cominotto (Marketing Manager)

  I had this idea to have a monthly employee spotlight on our blog… but I was worried that people would be hesitant or not know what to say. So I figured that I could be the “guinea pig” and … Continue reading