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Hide vs. Suppressed in SolidWorks Assemblies

Hiding and Suppressing Parts in SolidWorks Assemblies can have similar looking results, but both operations behave quite differently from each other. Hiding Parts in Assemblies Think of hidden components in a SolidWorks Assembly as just that… NOT VISIBLE. From there, … Continue reading

SolidWorks “Freeze” Saves You Time

New in Solidworks 2012 is a tool that allows you to take charge of your models and give you time back in your busy schedule. How many of us work with import bodies, large data sets, or complex models? We find … Continue reading

Tired of Right Clicking Materials in the Feature Manager with No Materials on your List?

SOLUTION!!! Starting in SolidWorks 2009, this list can be controlled by the user.  Simply Right click ‘Material’ in the Feature Manager and select MANAGE FAVORITES.  To Add Materials to the Default List, Browse to the Material in the Materials Library … Continue reading