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Stepping Up from Xpress to Expert

Join us for two “Lunch with DASI Webinars” as we demonstrate SimulationXpress and FloXpress as integral parts of your design process. Both products are included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS. 

Assuming Static: Slowly Applied Loading

SolidWorks Simulation Premium includes a variety of analysis types (click here for full list). In Static analysis users assume that loads are applied slowly. This is distinguished from Dynamic analysis, which does not force users to make this assumption. If the load … Continue reading

Optimize Your Design Analysis Experience with the Power of SolidWorks Simulation Professional

Try before you buy with a complimentary 30-day evaluation of SolidWorks Simulation Professional! Are you ready to step up by reducing material and physical testing costs? How about saving time while creating innovative new products? Get the power of Simulation … Continue reading

Assuming Linearity: Linear Static vs. Nonlinear

Background SolidWorks has several different tools available for analyzing structures. Static analysis (discussed in my previous blog article) is available with the purchase of SolidWorks Simulation (included in ). Nonlinear analysis is available with the purchase of SolidWorks Simulation Premium (see Figure … Continue reading

SimulationXpress vs. SolidWorks Simulation

Occasionally, I find that users are confused about the differences between some of the tools in SolidWorks, especially when it comes to “Xpress” tools. In this case, I wanted to provide users with simple examples of the differences between SimulationXpress and … Continue reading