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Which SOLIDWORKS Simulation Package is Best for Your Needs

Written by: Jared Spaniol, Application Engineer SOLIDWORKS offers many different products and packages that range from technical communication to simulation to bringing designs to life with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. It’s good to know there are so many options that all work … Continue reading

Hey, Where Did That Crack Come From?

Written by: Brad Rach, Application Engineer As an off-road enthusiast, I understand one’s desire to customize and personalize your vehicle. I recently encountered a situation on my own vehicle that was surprising and left me curious enough to utilize my … Continue reading

The Banana Shot – SOLIDWORKS Flow & Motion

Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer Aerodynamic drag and lift are two physical phenomena that are ubiquitous among sports. A baseball pitcher uses lift to impart a curve on a pitch. In badminton, huge amounts of drag are created by … Continue reading

The Case for FEA Simulations Early in New Product Development

Written by: Dave Leahy, Simulation Solutions Manager When thinking of taking a product from concept to finished product, I often think of the Steve Jobs quote about how you determine your final product attributes: “People think focus means saying yes to … Continue reading

Simulation Troubleshooting: Harmful U-V Curves Mess with Meshes

Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer Sometimes when you mesh your model (particularly imported geometry) the mesh can look pretty strange or might even fail. Sometimes these problems can stem from the natural u-v curves of complex surfaces. To demonstrate … Continue reading