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Get Answers Fast: DASI Help Desk

Ever have those problems where you really are sure where to turn? Have you ever wondered how to do a specific function in SOLIDWORKS or SOLIDWORKS Electrical but not sure how to do it? For those of you who do … Continue reading

Legacy Data: Reconciling Revisions

SOLIDWORKS PDM (Standard or Professional) is a wonderful way to organize and streamline productivity in an engineering environment. All departments of an organization can benefit whether you are engineering, management, manufacturing, or sales. Whether you are just starting your engineering … Continue reading

The Millennium Falcon of Large Assembly Techniques

Written by: Ryan Cole, Application Engineer Recently, Dave Kramer wrote a great article on handling large assemblies. If you haven’t seen the article, you should really check it out! I wanted to dovetail in on what he wrote about with … Continue reading

Quick Tips: SOLIDWORKS License Information

How many times have you heard about a certain SOLIDWORKS feature, only to find out it is only available in Premium but you have no idea what version you are running? Or maybe you always hear about new service packs, … Continue reading

Custom Duct or Rail in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Written by: Marty Adams, Technical Support Engineer SOLIDWORKS Electrical cabinet layout 2D and 3D use ducts and/or rails for routing of wires & cables, and for mounting of other components. In 2D they are represented by line art symbols, in 3D … Continue reading