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Multibody Part vs. Assembly in SolidWorks

There are fewer differences than ever between a multibody part file and an assembly file in SolidWorks. Where commonalities exist, the user may take advantage of performance and file management benefits of a multibody part. Where they differ, each has … Continue reading

Working Across the Network vs. Working Locally

Powerful software tools like SolidWorks create amazingly complex files that are  detailed and accurate to many decimal places. So it goes without saying that the management of this data presents a challenge when it comes to optimizing performance while still … Continue reading

FIRST in Michigan Transforms Education

For the Love of Engineering: FIRST in Michigan Transforms Education (via Transform.  This is the word to describe engineering and science education in Michigan. The leaders, mentors, teachers, students and industry professionals behind FIRST in Michigan lead in providing … Continue reading

Using Virtual Components with Imported Assemblies

Through my training and usage of SolidWorks I have come to find that the virtual component with assembly functionality is little used. Part of this may come from not understanding how it can help in everyday usage of SolidWorks. Here … Continue reading

Make the SolidWorks Task Pane YOURS!

Every company out there utilizes a variety of software tools to get every day work done, from design to scheduling to email.  For engineers, SolidWorks is a tool that they can spend upwards of 60 hours a week in, so … Continue reading