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How to Prevent Windows 10 from Automatically Updating Your Video Card Driver

Written by: Michael Nolte, Application Engineer With recent Windows updates, as a DASI Solutions HelpDesk Application Engineer, I’ve seen an increase in tickets where users have installed a approved video card driver and after a few days or weeks, … Continue reading

Updated Way to Unblock Securities for DropBox and FTP Links

Written by: Peter Estes, Application Engineer Here at DASI, we get several requests for the Download files of a desired SOLIDWORKS version. We will share these large download files as a zip file through Dropbox or our FTP site. With … Continue reading

Don’t Lose Your CAD Files: How to Make a Backup in Windows 10

Written by: Krystal Petersen, IT Support In Windows 10, you are given a variety of ways to do a backup, or even set up a reoccurring backup to your PC. There are a couple of types of backup that Windows … Continue reading

Make SOLIDWORKS Portable on a Microsoft Surface Book!

Written by Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager One common question that our customers have revolves around the hardware required to run SOLIDWORKS software. One of our Account Managers, Bill Baird, recently ran into a customer who was using SOLIDWORKS on a … Continue reading