Widely adopted Engineering Stimulus Program available through DASI Solutions and SolidWorks Corporation has been extended through March of 2010

Due to the continued challenge of the economy within the Great Lakes Region, DASI Solutions and SolidWorks Corporation have extended the successful SolidWorks® Engineering Stimulus Package™ through March of 2010. This program targets all Designing Engineers who are displaced, unemployed or seeking to improve their CAD skills to increase their appeal to potential employers in Emerging Sector careers. The program offers:

  • A  free, downloadable version of SolidWorks Standard and SolidWorks eDrawings
  • Online documentation with tutorials
  • Access to video training from SolidProfessor and DASI Solutions
  • A discounted Certified SolidWorks Associates exam

This program reinforces DASI Solutions and SolidWorks commitment to help engineers by providing them with the right tools to design better products. Positive feedback from Bruce Foster, formerly of Parrish-Meyer Machine, stated that “DASI Solutions worked closely with my Workforce Development case manager to secure funding to enroll in instructor-based SolidWorks Blackbelt training. Upon completing the classes I realized it is one thing to be skilled, but even more important to be re-skilled with current technologies for today’s job market.”

  • The SolidWorks ESP will officially end on March 31st, 2010. ESP candidates can enroll until March 31st and have 90 days to learn SolidWorks.
  • The ESP Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) test coupon will still be available through March. The test coupons available through DASI must be redeemed before March 31st, but the test can be taken later until December 31st, 2010.
  • To date, more than 22,000 displaced designers and engineers have taken advantage of the free SolidWorks CAD software offered through this extremely successful program.
  •  More than one in ten respondents had secured jobs by January, 2010 as a result of this program.
  •  More than 380 participants have become CSWAs, and another 500 are actively seeking certification.

 No Worker Left Behind clients and Displaced Workers are encouraged to contact David Darbyshire, Engineer and Owner of DASI Solutions, by calling 248-333-2996 x 203.

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