SolidWorks Webcast Series – May 4, 2012

An in-depth look at designing complex products:
Workflow Opportunities with SolidWorks

In this series, you will see how SolidWorks solutions enhance your ability to design complex products. Please join SolidWorks technical experts for this 3-part complimentary webcast as they outline benefits of SolidWorks products for your business needs.

Friday, May 4th at  12 PM ET
Presented by: Matt Derov –
SolidWorks Simulation Technical Manager

This presentation will cover how SolidWorks users can use SolidWorks Plastics  to facilitate plastics part design all within the SolidWorks and Windows  interface. Highlights include:

  • Injection molding simulation
  • State-of-the art meshing
  • Optimize multi-cavity and family mold layouts and feed systems
  • Assist in selecting materials help to create “greener” products

Friday, May 4th at 1PM ET
Presented by: Jeff Osman –
SolidWorks Technical Manager

In this one-hour webinar, we will see how SolidWorks can not only save time by creating injection mold splits along with mold base components, but also achieve a higher fidelity solution. The knowledge gained from using SolidWorks can then be used throughout the design process in order to optimize the performance of your design. Highlights include:

  • Create cavity core splits
  • Assembly visualization
  • SolidWorks Costing to help predict overall project cost
  • Seamless integration with outside vendors for communication
Friday, May 4th at 2 PM ET
Presented by: Elton Smith –
SolidWorks Technical Manager

In this webinar, we’ll show examples of maintenance instructions used in a mold
tooling environment. We’ll also show the creation of user manual materials that would ship with a consumer product. Whether you’re involved in the initial design, or downstream manufacturing; 3DVIA Composer offers a unique and compelling way to create the much needed technical content.

  • Injection mold tooling maintenance instructions
  • User manuals for consumer products
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