Improve SolidWorks Data Publishing

WEBINAR: “Improve Your Data Publishing with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM”
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Great news! You just wrapped up a 2 week ‘hot’ design project that everyone has been waiting on for the last week. Good job! But wait… You still need to get the design information to other folks.

Typically, there’s a LOT of people who need copies of your designs. Your designs need to be reviewed. Purchasing needs copies to place orders from your suppliers. The shop needs data files to start creating CNC files to manufacture. Assembly would like eDrawings files to review how your design is put together. Your customer wants a CAD neutral format so they have a record of the design they are purchasing. And that may be the short list!

Ugh… It’s going to mean sending files to the laser printer, printing to pdf, translating files to DWG, DXF, STEP or other CAD formats. By the time you get that information generated, you’re STILL not done! Then it must be emailed, shipped or hand delivered to all the people in your world that need your design information. At the end of this process, you may have spent anywhere from an hour to days doing nothing but busy work… Non-valued added fulfillment, not exactly what you envision the world of design and engineering to be.

The good news is that SolidWorks can generate all the various data formats you need.

Join us for a special 22-minute webinar on how you can improve your data publishing. Not only will you learn how you can automate creating different formats from your engineering data, we’ll also show how you won’t have to worry about distributing the data any more either!

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