SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2015 – Version Column

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM 2015 has several new features that make it easier to use while also providing better feedback as to the status of files in the system. One of the new features is called the Version Column.

Version Column Details

The new Version Column feature provides visual feedback as to the current version of any file as well as what version of that file is cached locally, IF AT ALL. Much like the Enterprise PDM tab in SOLIDWORKS and other CAD applications, the Version Column shows similar icons, but instead of only seeing this information when files are opened in SOLIDWORKS , you can see them in the Windows Explorer Vault View.


Those look different.  What do they mean?

Not only did the icons go thru a complete redesign for 2015, but there are also more of them. Icons were previously only in the File Explorer tab for EPDM. Both areas have been updated with these much clearer icons.


In addition to the existing green arrow for newer versions of files and red arrows for older versions of files, there is now an icon that indicates whether or not the file is cached locally!  This is ESSENTIAL if you ever plan to work offline and need to be certain that the files you want access to are in your local cache.

How do you add this column?

You can add the new column and make it visible to anyone by changing their Group or User Permissions. Simply access your vault setup in the EPDM Administration Tool and edit the COLUMN settings. Make sure you update the permissions on your Groups so people will see them!



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