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What is the Manufacturing Network?

This network is designed to let SOLIDWORKS users bring their designs to life by easily finding and connecting with reliable manufacturers offering 3D Printing, Sheet Metal, CNC Machining and Injection Molding services. It allows users to get physical parts made fast, while manufacturers are able to reach SOLIDWORKS users more directly to promote their services and respond to RFQ’s. Starting today, manufacturers in North America can register to get listed on the Manufacturing Network and SOLIDWORKS users can recommend manufacturers from North America to be added. Throughout 2015, manufacturers from other countries will be eligible to join and the network will begin to expand internationally. Quick-turn manufacturer Proto Labs, Inc. is indicative of the type of company we are partnering with in this network. They are a reputable manufacturer that can produce parts quickly and efficiently for SOLIDWORKS users. Once connected to Proto Labs, users can upload a 3D CAD model and receive an interactive quote providing manufacturability analysis results within hours. Proto Labs’ advanced additive, machining and molding processes manufacture custom prototypes and low-volume production parts in as fast as one day.
Bring your designs to life today, visit the MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network,, and get connected with a best-in-class manufacturer.
To mark the Manufacturing Network Launch, we’re offering user the opportunity to take a free CSWA exam. To do this, you can go to and log in with your account to take the online CSWA certification prep course (valid from the date of SWW to 3/31). If you complete all lessons in the course, you will receive a code via email to take the CSWA exam for free.
Fine print: This offer has a value of $100. Users will be able to take the CSWA exam only once with this code. If they do not pass, they will have to pay for the exam going forward.

Published by Andreas Kulik – Senior Product Portfolio Manager, Strategy and Community at Dassault Systemes SolidWorks.

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  1. I’ll check this site out. Is it a directory to pair manufacturers and users together? I wish I had read this when the free exam was happening.

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