Is Pontiac the Next Ann Arbor?

Pontiac ribbon cutting

They say that Michigan is the “comeback” state. Everyone is talking about the revival of Detroit or the startup cultures of Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. But what about Pontiac? No one ever seems to think of Pontiac as a bustling, exciting downtown… but that is all changing and DASI Solutions is excited to be right in the middle of it. Having moved our headquarters into the downtown wide track loop of Woodward a few years ago, DASI is hoping to build an engineering and business hub right in Pontiac.

We aren’t the only ones excited about the future of our city, though.

A large number of small businesses are moving into the downtown area every year. Today marked a good day for downtown Pontiac, as a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of quite a few new businesses, from design and photography studios to retail and restaurants. Pontiac is on the verge of economic revitalization, building on the ideas and momentum that are coming out of places like Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Small businesses entrepreneurs at the heart of economic development in Michigan. They are making more and more new jobs every day. We all had to start somewhere. DASI started as a small tech startup and we have continued to grow to where we are today – with nearly 50 employees and celebrating 20 years in business. We know that with the support of the neighbors in Pontiac, that all of the new businesses coming to town can have just as much success. The number of people who showed up to a simple ribbon cutting is evidence of the kind of support these companies will get in Pontiac.

The outpouring of support was exciting to see. DASI has always prided ourselves on our customer support through tech support, on-site mentoring and a number of training classes. Now, we look forward to helping support our growing community, as well, during what we can only hope turns into an economic boom for the city of Pontiac. Maybe one day we will help to create an engineering and manufacturing hotbed. We can certainly dream!

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