Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers


Don’t go into manufacturing or engineering; you’ll never find a job.

That’s what so many of today’s young adults were told by their parents and teachers during the recent recession. Times were tough in Michigan, and throughout the country, and many of these jobs did, in fact, disappear for a while. However, the times are definitely changing and it is actually a great time to be getting into the industry. With a predicted 2 million vacant manufacturing jobs in the US by 2025 due to lack of qualified applicants, it’s almost a guaranteed job.

But still, too many students are steering clear of jobs in manufacturing and engineering. That’s where Manufacturing Day comes in. On October 2nd, manufacturing and engineering companies across the state, and the country, are hosting events to address the common misconceptions, while trying to combat the skilled trades gap. Students are encouraged to attend these events, including plant tours, job fairs or other community events, in order to learn about the state of the manufacturing industry and how it has changed over recent years.

Last year, Manufacturing Day BLEW UP and exceeded everyone’s expectations. With close to 1,700 events and 20 sponsorships, it was considered a massive success for only the second official “Manufacturing Day.” In 2015, we only expect it to be even bigger! With over a month to go, there are already 20 sponsors and 730 events scheduled.

Here at DASI, we are happy to be part of this event again in 2015. We will once again host a tour of our 3D Printing studio, where the students can learn about the rise of additive manufacturing and get a first-hand look at some top-of-the-line printers. In addition, there will be hands-on engineering activities to stimulate their imagination and innovation, showing how engineering and manufacturing work hand-in-hand. It was a great time and very well received by the students last year. And seeing the excitement and intrigue on their faces helps to fuel our passion as well!

So… Do you want to inspire the next generation of innovators? Join us in celebrating manufacturing and empowering the workforce by hosting a Manufacturing Day event on October 2. Register to host an event here:

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