SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go: Surprising Options to Increase the Utility of This Utility


Written by: Dave Kramer, Application Engineer

SolidWorks Pack and Go

I recently discovered a few options that I didn’t realize were available and would have saved time over the years using Pack and Go.

Save to Name

Suppose the assembly above is opened and a copy with a generic numbering system is desired. The clunky way is to open the assembly and each of its components then saving each component with a new number. Better option: use Pack and Go. Go to File > Pack and Go. Double click the “Save to Name” field.

SolidWorks Pack and Go Save to Name


When you do that, a dialog box opens asking for the new name.

SolidWorks Pack and Go Dialog Box 1

Type in your new generic name and accept.

SolidWorks Pack and Go Dialog Box 2

Do the same for all the part names and hit Save. Your new file system is in place.

SolidWorks Pack and Go New Screenshot


Suppose you like to keep a made-on date in your file system to keep the versions separate. With Pack and Go, that process is made simple with the Select/Replace function.

A new concept is in order and you’d like to save a copy of the assembly with the date adjusted to avoid overwriting your old concept. Go to File > Pack and Go. Single click the “Select/Replace” option. The following window shows:

SolidWorks Pack and Go Select/Replace

In the Search Criteria, Search the “Save to Name” column for the made-on date and check replace text and type in the new date. Replace All, hit close, then save.

SolidWorks Select / Replace Example

Your assembly and components are copied with a new date.

SolidWorks Pack and Go Final Screenshot

Before discovering these option, and without a product data management (PDM system), I was in the habit of appending the file names with the next revision. “Add Suffix” was the function that I zeroed in on. We nearly made it through the alphabet on one program.  4908-1_fea_…_r_s_t.sldasm. Ridiculous.


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