Monthly Archives: November 2015

Employee Spotlight: Darin Grosser (Engineer – Elite AE)

I can hardly remember life before SolidWorks……before I met David and Richard Darbyshire……and that’s not a bad thing at all! Nearly 19 years ago, thru an amazing chain of events… was ‘happening’ while I was making plans. One day my … Continue reading

Why Add Subscription?

Written by Lynnette Coleman, Subscription Services Why do you have insurance on your vehicle? Not because you like spending the money every year, and not because you are planning on crashing into a snow-filled ditch. No, you get insurance because … Continue reading

JOB POSTING – Lead Designer

DeWys Engineering, based in Coopersville, MI, is in need of a lead designer with at least a CSWP certification and three years of Mechanical Engineer experience. Key responsibilities will include ensuring best practices and work processes, managing customer projects and leading … Continue reading

Inspiration for the Future!

For the second year in a row, DASI Solutions will participate and exhibit at Macomb County’s annual RET (Robotic s, Engineering and Technology) Days. Thousands of students from neighboring counties are expected to fill Macomb Community College’s South Campus on … Continue reading

Employee Spotlight: Laura Cominotto (Marketing Manager)

  I had this idea to have a monthly employee spotlight on our blog… but I was worried that people would be hesitant or not know what to say. So I figured that I could be the “guinea pig” and … Continue reading