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RET Days 2014

David Darbyshire of DASI Solutions presents to the students at the 2014 RET Days.

For the second year in a row, DASI Solutions will participate and exhibit at Macomb County’s annual RET (Robotic s, Engineering and Technology) Days. Thousands of students from neighboring counties are expected to fill Macomb Community College’s South Campus on December 2 & 3 to get up close and personal with current and future technologies. Some of the highlights from last year included 3D printers, automotive clay models, and solar powered vehicles. Check out the video montage of show exhibits from last year here.

Here at DASI, we pride ourselves in being highly active in the education community and being involved in securing the future for both the engineering and manufacturing industries. We hope to help inspire the young minds of the students interested in the future of technology. I have not personally attended RET Days in the past, but I have heard great reviews about the show. This will be my first year experiencing all of the intrigue and excitement and I cannot wait to witness all of the excitement from the students while learning about future technologies and careers that are awaiting them.

From what I hear, RET Days is an exciting time when business and education come together in support of the growth of not only the engineering, robotics and technology industries, but also the future workforce. Companies that participate in this show come with passion; passion for leadership, passion for inspiration, and passion for the future. Business leaders bring their best and brightest to showcase their industry and enlighten the students in the hopes that they will want to continue with STEM education. Some of the exhibits the students will be able to visit this year include:

  • Trends in Automotive Technology
  • Hands-On activities with engineering and robotics
  • Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • 3D Printing and Automotive Clay Modeling
  • Renewable Energy Technologies (biofuels)
  • Electrical Vehicles

To close out the show, the evening portion of December 3rd is dedicated to exploring careers in Manufacturing and Technology. Students, along with their parents, are encouraged to walk the floor and discover what careers may be in their near future. This portion of the event, in my opinion, is the most important segment. It gives the students a chance to really get personal with some of the business leaders in their communities. They can hear from recent graduates about where they came from, what types of things inspired them, and where they are now. Students will be able to interact with experts from different industries, possibly finding a new pathway that interests them. This is where we have the opportunity to really connect with the kids and inspire them to continue their journey.

Participating in RET Days allows us to connect and interact with the future generation of innovators.  These will be the individuals developing, working with, and creating new technologies for years to come. They will be the guiding force for a better tomorrow.

Make sure to keep a lookout for more videos to see what technologies inspired the kids this year! The possibilities are endless!

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