Why Add Subscription?

Written by Lynnette Coleman, Subscription Services

Why do you have insurance on your vehicle? Not because you like spending the money every year, and not because you are planning on crashing into a snow-filled ditch. No, you get insurance because you want to be covered in case something happens unexpectedly. The same should go for your SOLIDWORKS software. When you purchase SOLIDWORKS, you want the comfort of knowing that someone is there to help you should you need it. You want to know that you will get the best value out of your investment. DASI Solutions helps provide all of that, and much more, with your SOLIDWORKS subscription.

One of the most valuable assets of subscription is going to be the local technical support provided by DASI Solutions. We have several qualified, knowledgeable and certified technicians on site that are at your disposal. Why waste time, and money, getting frustrated with something you can’t seem to work through? While on subscription, all you have to do is pick up the phone, or submit an email, to our support staff that will do their best to get you through those rough patches as fast as possible. Technical support is able to assist you not only with the newest released version, but they can help you with previous versions as well.

The yearly subscription service provides you with an annual software release. These releases keep you and your company moving forward in the industry. Each version is an improvement on the previous one, giving you the opportunity to create faster and more effectively. Many of these new designs are based on customer requests that can be submitted through the web portal, which is also available while on subscription. is an online library filled with content and services that you can access anytime from anywhere. You can join in on discussion forums with other SOLIDWORKS community members and get tips on how to solve problems. Gain training through the 400 + available videos, blogs, and webcasts that can be located on this site. These training tools can help you and your employees prepare for the CSWA and CSWP certification exams that are provided through SOLIDWORKS.

These exams are beneficial in showing your customers and clients that you are experienced on how to work within SOLIDWORKS and can reflect added value in your company and the employees. Best part is that with each subscription renewal there is a free certification exam available. Each year that you renew for subscription entitles you to a new free exam. This exam can be taken by anyone within the company and not just the assigned user.

You invested in SolidWorks because you recognize the value it provides to your company. Look at the subscription service as an insurance policy to help keep everything running smoothly and to cover that investment in case of emergencies. Not because you plan for them to happen, but so that if they do happen you have it under control. If you have any questions regarding subscription services you can reach me, Lynnette Coleman, directly at 248-836-2078.

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