EMWorks: Electro-Mechanical and RF/Microwave Simulation for SOLIDWORKS


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Written in conjunction with Rick Seidler, Channel Development Manager, EMWorks

What is Electro-mechanical simulation?

Using EMS (Electro-mechanical simulation) for SOLIDWORKS, users can accurately compute the effects and forces acting on components due to electrical currents, permanent magnets or electromagnets. This type of simulation has numerous applications ranging from solenoid designs, electric motor designs, electrical machine design like transformers and inductors, magnetic array design, insulator design for high power application, magnetic shield design, induction heating, inductive charging etc.

The applications for Electro-mechanical simulation span across industries such as transportation, machine design, solenoids, coils, defense, automotive, bio-medical, electronics, consumer products and power.

EMWorks Electric MotorsElectric Motors

  • EMS helps to compute the performance of motors, develop new products, reduce steel and weight
  • Applications include electric vehicles, electric power tools
  • EMS Premium – EMS + Motion + Thermal

Solenoids & Actuators

  • EMS helps to design coils, determine correct excitation,
  • Applications include machine design, weapons, valve industry, consumer products
  • Required bundle – EMS Professional + Motion (optional)

Power Industry

  • EMS helps to design insulators, sensors and transformers, visualize electric fields, predict breakdown, and assists with temperature distribution

Magnet Arrays - Permanent MagnetsMagnet Arrays – Permanent Magnets

  • EMS helps to calculate forces accurately, visualize complex magnetic fields, run numerous what-if scenarios
  • Applications include magnetic lifting machines, customer products like iPad covers, magnetic pens, hangers, etc.
  • Required bundle = EMS Professional

Loud Speakers

  • EMS helps to determine the force on the coil, understand vibration and visualize the complex magnetic fields
  • Required bundle = EMS Professional

Power Electronics

  • EMS helps to understand circuit parameters, visualize performance, as well as design and study capacitors, inductors and transformers
  • EMS bundle = EMS Professional

Antennas – Hi-Tech ElectronicsHigh Tech Electronics and Antennas

  • HFWorks (An EMWorks product) helps to understand the performance of antennas, plot gain patters and study performance across frequencies
  • EMS bundle = HFWorks

RF and Microwave Components

  • HFWorks helps to design passive RF and microwave components (like filters and couplers), study frequency response and resonance, as well as assisting in creating industry standard polar plots, gain plots and more



EMS for SOLIDWORKS is the first and only completely embedded Gold Certified software for SOLIDWORKS which helps users study their magnetic, electric and electromagnetic designs seamlessly. It can utilize the geometry created using SOLIDWORKS directly for simulation. Its user interface emulates that of SOLIDWORKS and hence there is no learning curve associated with the EMS software for SOLIDWORKS users.

Please click here to try out EMS for SOLIDWORKS and see how it helps you design better products. For more information visit

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  1. This EMS software can ensure the best observation of the minute effects that works on electronic components. This can be helpful in accurate recordings of the functioning of the components more effectively. This post is informative!!

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