SOLIDWORKS Two-Minute Tech Tip – Create Internal Volume

Darin at DASI - SOLIDWORKS Two Minute Tech Tip

Written by: Darin J. Grosser, CSWE

I’m Darin @ DASI, and THIS is a SolidWorks – Two Minute Tech Tip!!

Internal Fluid Volumes Made Easy…

Designing Solid Geometry is obviously what we are built to do, but in many cases, users also need to know how much Fluid or Air is contained in their Parts or Systems.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduced a new option in the Intersect Tool created specifically for this purpose. It’s called Create Internal Volumes.

Vast Improvement to the Process

Finding the “Air or Fluid space” in a part or assembly requires a Solid that represents the absence of material. This takes users several steps to duplicate existing solids and then a series of Boolean operations to strategically subtract then to come up with a solid in that emptiness.

Intersect Tool - SOLIDWORKSEnter SOLIDWORKS 2016

With Parts, this process is now boiled down into a single option in the Intersect Tool. Users will need to use Planes to ‘cap’ the openings of their parts, and then simply use the Intersect tool to create the resulting Internal Region.

You can use Assemblies too….sort of…..

If you’d like to find the Fluid area in an Assembly, you will need to first save it as a Multi Body Part, and then the same steps apply. It seems to work best if you first COMBINE the bodies and then run the Intersect.

Now just grab the resulting Body and check the volume using your Mass Properties tool.


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See this in action!

Watch it on YouTube - Create Internal Volume


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