Getting it Right with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tools

Simulation Results Comparison

Written by: Dave Leahy, Simulation Product Manager

SOLIDWORKS Structural and Flow Simulation tools are often an integral part of many of our customers’ product development processes. The unique nature of the Simulation tools from SOLIDWORKS is that engineers using them often wear many hats and are not dedicated structural analysis. In addition to Simulation responsibilities, their roles often have them designing the part, managing the testing process, updating the parts database, documenting the product, etc. Simulation is just one of the things they do. Of course, Simulation ensures they get the parts designed right the first time and minimize the number of prototypes that often slow down getting a project completed on-time and under budget making it a key capability crucial to projects success.

In a survey of customers last year for an event at DASI, the number one thing they said that prevented them from using SOLIDWORKS Simulation is having the time to learn the product. They want to know they are getting the right answers that will help them discover defects early in the design process. Often, a poorly set-up simulation may have them headed in the wrong direction. Training can help a lot with the basic capabilities but using the tool and getting ongoing guidance is critical to mastering the software.

The challenge for many engineers is that they do not use the tool every day. When they have a new project, which requires simulations to be run, often their skills are a little rusty and they may lack the confidence to run the simulation software successfully.

DASI Solutions Simulation DoubleCheckThat’s why DASI Solutions created the Simulation DoubleCheck. This is service for our Simulation customers who are on annual maintenance. To use the service, all they need to do is schedule time with one of our Simulation Support engineers to review the set-up of their simulation studies. We use our web based support tools to look at the model setup on their computer. Our Support team can then make suggestions that might increase the accuracy of the result or speed up the solution times so they can run more studies.

For this to be effective, customers have usually been through our various simulation classes to familiarize themselves with the capabilities and methods of SOLIDWORKS Structural or Flow Simulation. As part of the service, we ask them to set up the model the best they know how and get some preliminary results. Then, they schedule a time with our support engineers by calling our technical support line and asking for a Simulation DoubleCheck.

The key thing with this service is that it’s like having a full-time structural analyst in your office that you can talk to, which helps to ensure you’re getting the best results possible to complete a successful study.

If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of, schedule some time with us next time you have a simulation to be run. We cannot run it for you, but will use our web tools to look at how you have your simulation setup and make suggestions on how you might be able to make it better.

Just call our HelpDesk at 800-276-6340 and ask to schedule a Simulation DoubleCheck.

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