Which 3Dconnexion 3D Mouse is Right for You?

3Dconnexion 3D Mouse

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Last month, we discussed the benefits of a 3D Mouse. This month, we explore the options available to you.

Originally posted to the 3DxBlog on August 13, 2014

3D mice are a little bit like superheroes:

They swoop in and make your workflows faster than a speeding bullet. They leap over productivity obstacles in a single bound, providing comfort and protecting you from pain.

But a 3D mouse’s superpowers are anything but unbelievable: 3D mouse users saw average productivity gains of 21%, with 84% seeing improvements in product design quality, according to an independent report from Technology Assessment Group.

(Check out the full report to find out all the ways a 3D mouse saves time and money.)

Six different 3D mice make up the 3Dconnexion posse, each with its own superpowers. Looking for a design sidekick? See below for a rundown of these desktop superheroes.

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3D Mouse Product Comparison Chart

The 3D Mouse for Everyone: SpaceNavigator®

3Dconnexion Space Navigator MousePerfect for you if: You want a more natural way to interact with your CAD content at an affordable cost.

The SpaceNavigator is the entry-level 3D mouse, but it still packs a punch thanks to the controller cap (the central feature of all 3Dconnexion 3D mice).

3Dconnexion’s patented controller cap enables you to pan, zoom and rotate 3D content and camera views simultaneously—a concept known as six degrees of freedom (or 6DoF). Once you’ve experienced the SpaceNavigator’s smooth and intuitive control of 3D environments, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without one.

For further convenience, two buttons—found on either side of the SpaceNavigator’s stainless steel base—each open a radial menu, providing easy access to your favorite application or 3D mouse commands.

The Traveler’s Best Friend: SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator for NotebooksPerfect for you if: You use 3D applications in a lot of different places.

The SpaceNavigator for Notebooks offers the same 6DoF navigation and two buttons of the SpaceNavigator, but in a travel-sized package that’s half the weight of its brother and two-thirds the size. It’s ideal for designers, architects and engineers who do field work, hit the road often or simply want a lighter device to transport from A to B.

This 3D mouse’s compact size makes it easy to use in cramped quarters such as on an airplane or train. And no matter how messy the trip gets, the SpaceNavigator for Notebooks keeps itself looking good thanks to the supplied protective travel case.

For Fans of Clean Lines and Clutter Free Desktops: SpaceMouse® Wireless

Wireless 3D MousePerfect for you if: You’re looking for a sleek, stylish and intuitive way to interact with digital 3D content.

The SpaceMouse Wireless is the world’s first wireless 3D mouse. It combines 3Dconnexion’s 6DoF sensor with 2.4 GHz wireless technology to deliver the reliability of a wired device, without the clutter of cords.

The SpaceMouse Wireless exudes excellence and provides designers with:

  • One Month of Super Powers on a Single Charge. The SpaceMouse Wireless’ lithium-ion polymer battery lasts up to a month before it requires recharging. When it does, simply connect the USB cable (included) and continue working without interruption.
  • Ease of Use. Each of the SpaceMouse Wireless’ two buttons open their own on-screen radial menu for convenient mouse click access to your favorite application commands.
  • Modern Design. The SpaceMouse Wireless sports a small footprint, high-quality construction and a stylish brushed steel base.

The 3D Mouse for the Professional: SpaceMouse Pro

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse ProPerfect for you if: You’re a busy professional who spends much of the day working with 3D content.

The SpaceMouse Pro is tailored to the needs of serious CAD professionals. The smooth and intuitive 6DoF navigation comes as standard, so one of the first things you’ll notice over its smaller siblings is the full-sized, soft-coated hand rest, designed to position your hand perfectly for the controller cap and surrounding buttons.

The SpaceMouse Pro is an out and out workhorse. It offers:

  • Four Intelligent Function Keys that automatically map themselves to your favorite 3D software’s commands. Holding any of the four buttons opens an On-Screen Display for a convenient reminder of the commands assigned to each function key.
  • QuickView Navigation Keys that deliver one-touch access to up to 12 different model views (including Top, Right, Front and ISO) for better error detection and quality control. Nestled in the center of the QuickView Key array, the rotation toggle key disables the rotation axes, providing simultaneous pan-and-zoom navigation, ideal for work modes such as sketching.
  • Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Escape Keyboard Modifiers save more time by reducing the need to move your hand to the keyboard.

The best part? All 15 buttons are completely and easily customizable to your 3D applications, so you’ll always be in control of your designs.

The Wireless 3D Mouse for the Professional: SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless 3D MousePerfect for you if: You’re a busy professional who spends much of the day working with 3D content and appreciates the finer things in life (like a cord-free desktop).

The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is designed with professionals top of mind. With 15 fully programmable buttons and 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless delivers the power and reliability of the SpaceMouse Pro, without the clutter of cords.

Furthermore, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless will operate for up to two months on a single charge and work accurately up to 20 meters away from the USB receiver.

Your design sessions have never seen so much freedom.

The Mouse for the Elite Designer: SpacePilot® Pro

3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro MousePerfect for you if: You need as many features as it’s possible to pack into a 3D mouse.

The ultimate professional 3D mouse, the SpacePilot Pro is an unparalleled design partner that offers:

  • 10 Intelligent Function Keys—With Intelligent Function Keys, each 3D application you use becomes yours to command. The keys automatically map themselves to shortcuts and program functions for unprecedented control of your application.
  • QuickView Navigation Keys—The dual-function QuickView Keys extend the power of the controller cap by providing one-touch access to a range of useful views, making it easy to inspect models from any angle for improved error detection, design review and design presentation.
  • Keyboard Modifiers—Keyboard modifiers optimize your workflow by reducing the need to move your hand from the SpacePilot Pro. They allow you to simultaneously navigate your 3D model while accessing special application functionality or editing capabilities.
  • Full Color LCD Screen — Provides a valuable reminder of the commands assigned to the 10 Intelligent Function Keys plus access to email, tasks, calendars and more for truly supercharged workflows.

Are you ready to kick your 3D work into overdrive? The SpacePilot Pro is the premier way to take your designs as far as possible.


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