Employee Spotlight: Sarah Corbin

Sarah Corbin Employee Spotlight


What is your role at DASI?

Client Development Rep… Inside Sales, Customer Service, not the gambler, but maybe the rambler?

How long have you been working at DASI?

Coming up on 3 years! 🙂

What do you enjoy most about working for DASI?

That it is like a big family and they understand that life happens… you take care of what you need to and we keep it moving.

Be honest – who did you know at DASI that got you the job?

Not a soul! 🙂 I knew of SOLIDWORKS from a previous life, though…


Favorite movie?

I cannot pick just one – Goodfellas, The Other Guys, Wolf of Wall Street, The Judge, This is 40, Gia, Funny People, The Town… the list goes on

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

A new house!!

What is one item on your bucket list?

Traveling – I would love to go explore Ireland!! Really anywhere that is a fun getaway after I get on Cash Explosion and win boatloads of money!!

What are three things you can’t stand?

  1. My pants being way too long… even if they are the short length!
  2. Putting the visor down in the car… and the sun still being in my eyes!
  3. Being at a concert and everyone in front of me is about a foot taller than me… I should always be in the front, like when you were in school growing up… “You can’t see what’s on the board from the projector? Come on up to the front, Sarah!” 🙂
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