20 Questions with DASI Summer Interns – Part 2

20 Questions

Written by: Gale Walney, Administrative Marketing Assistant

See Part 1 of this series here.

Katie Winter - Technical Intern at DASI SolutionsKatherine (Katie) Winter graduated a 2016 top scholar from Avondale High School this past spring with her CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional).  She is one of two high school students to achieve this from OSTC (Oakland Schools Technical Campus NE). She was a drum major in the school band and a driver on the school’s robotic team, the RoboJackets. Katie has been nominated for and attended the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders and has received multiple awards in the MITES competitions, including 2nd, 4th and 5th place recognition on a regional level, and two honorable mentions on a state level. In addition, Katherine won the Michigan Department of Education 2016 Breaking Traditions Award and is a runner-up for the Detroit News/ CATCH Outstanding Graduates Award. Kathrine will be attending Michigan Technical University in Houghton, Michigan this fall to double major in Mechanical and Bio Medical Engineering.

  1. How are you enjoying this summer’s internship at DASI?
    Katie is enjoying it very much. This is her first job. She has had the opportunity to work with SOLIDWORKS and show her talent with robotics. She mentored a small group of girls for a day helping them put a robot together.
  2. What was your favorite class in school?
    AP Calculus
  3. What do you do for fun?
    She plays the flute and piano and loves building robots.
  4. What was your favorite vacation?
    Going to Kelley’s Island in Ohio every year with her family.
  5. A good percentage of Michiganders have never been over the Mackinaw Bridge, have you been over it?
    Yes, she has been over the Mackinaw Bridge (several times).
  6. If you could have any 3 people over for dinner who would be?
    Chris Farley, Kevin Hart, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  7. What is your favorite sports team?
    The Detroit Red Wings
  8. What is your favorite movie?
    She has two: Tommy Boy and Talladega Nights
  9. What is your favorite color?
    She doesn’t have one.
  10. What is your favorite food?
    Katie loves fried chicken.
  11. What is the strangest food you’ve eaten?
    Shark, at a restaurant in Virginia.
  12. What is your favorite music?
    She likes Panic! at the Disco and the soundtrack to Hamilton.
  13. What is your favorite holiday?
    Christmas… the entire season starting November 1st.
  14. What is the coolest costume you’ve worn on Halloween?
    She was Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and her date was Jack.
  15. Have you read any good books lately?
    Queen of Tearling
  16. Do you collect anything?
    Katie has been collecting “smashed” pennies since she was 5 and also collects snow globes.
  17. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
    She has 2 younger brothers, Jordan (10) and Colin (9) and a younger sister Claire (7).
  18. Do you have any pets?
    She has a dog (Tim).
  19. Do you have any phobias?
    She is very afraid a heights and flying.
  20. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
    Telekinesis (the ability to move objects through mind power).
  21. What is your favorite TV show?
    Game of Thrones and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
  22. Random Fact:
    She is self-taught on the piano.

So we lied and asked her 22 questions….

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