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Written for DASI Solutions by DriveWorks

In today’s market, customization is highly sought after and the ability to personalize products to suit a customer’s individual requirements is now allowing companies to sell endless combinations of their products.

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries are discovering the value of customization and more and more companies are introducing online sales configurators as a way of engaging more effectively with their customers.

Improving Profitability for Configured ProductsTech Clarity, an independent research organization, recently published this white paper ‘Improving Profitability for Configured Products. The paper concludes that “A sales configurator integrated with design automation can be a way to profitably customize products. It can improve a customer’s experience, save time, and offer customers exactly what they want in an economical way.

A great benefit of customization is that it helps companies to differentiate their products from their competitors and this is a strategy that is now regularly being used. Tech Clarity also identified that “differentiating products through customization” is reported as a top strategy in their paper ‘Best Practices for Developing Industrial Equipment’, a study of nearly 400 manufacturers.

Advances in technology have also made it both easier and a necessity, for manufacturing companies to implement an Online Sales strategy that is aligned to manufacturing processes. This presents the perfect opportunity to take advantage of DriveWorks, a SOLIDWORKS and Microsoft Gold Partner.

Here at DASI, we really believe in the value of automating products that are the ‘Same but Different’ and are pleased to have DriveWorks Software in our portfolio of Partner Software Solutions. As the underlying concept of DriveWorks is based on defining design and business rules, the DriveWorks team have worked hard to create versatile software applicable for companies across a wide range of industries.

DriveWorks ConfigurationThere are 3 levels of DriveWorks product:

  • DriveWorks Xpress
  • DriveWorks Solo
  • DriveWorks Pro

Each month as part of their ‘Industry Spotlight’, the DriveWorks Technical Team create configurator examples in DriveWorks Xpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro to showcase some of the functionality of each of the products. The Xpress and Solo examples can be downloaded from and there are examples of online sales configurators created with DriveWorks Pro, at is home to 20 sample configurators, which cover 12 industries ranging from Materials Handling to Medical. Each project is unique and shows just how versatile DriveWorks can be.

These projects are ideal for companies who are curious about Online Sales Configurators and who want to see what is possible. These Configurator projects allow you to try out the DriveWorks Configure Price Quote and Automate CPQ experience. Create a quote for customized products whilst also generating SOLIDWORKS manufacturing documents and drawings and a 3D Preview of the configured product.

DriveWorks Configurator Demo FeaturesEach Online Configurator example has a ‘demo features’ tab to explain which DriveWorks features were used and what they do. These really useful snippets also include links to the DriveWorks online help file, where an in-depth description can be found.

Several of the Configurators also reveal the professional looking, branded documents, including HTML emails, which are automatically generated and emailed once the configuration has been completed. Professional documentation really adds the wow factor to your sales configurator and the DriveWorks examples aim to demonstrate how you can take your online sales configurator experience to the next level.

DriveWorks Bill of Materials

DriveWorks is the perfect software solution to integrate online sales configurators and design automation. These projects really show just how easy it is to create numerous variations of these products quickly by using DriveWorks and we hope you’re inspired to find out more.

Don’t forget you can try DriveWorks Solo free of charge for 30 days. You can also download any of the Industry Spotlight Configurators listed below to discover how they were set up and try out some ideas of your own.

DriveWorks Monthly Industry Spotlights


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