Coping Pipe for Strong Welds

Written by: Greg Dawes, Application Engineer

When welding two pipes together at an angle just trimming one to the other doesn’t give us a desirable result.

Welding pipes together

In order to have a strong weld between the two pipes, we need to have a pipe wall that is a constant thickness.

The Steps to get a constant wall thickness:

  1. Create a ruled surface from the inside edge that is Normal to the Surface or Perpendicular to a Vector (Pipe extrude direction)

    Creating a ruled surface

  2. Extend the surface toward the inside of the pipe.

    Extend the surface toward the inside of the pipe

  3. Use “Cut with Surface” with the surface body made in the previous two steps

    SOLIDWORKS Cut with Surface

  4. Delete the surface body.

    SOLIDWORKS - Delete the surface body

And Voila!

Coping Final Result


A video version of the walkthrough:


The next video walks through creating a reusable template for different angles and different Outer and Inner Diameters.


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