Add a Splash of Color to Your Otherwise Boring Electrical Schematic!

Add a splash of color to electrical schematics

Written by: Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Application Specialist

Life is not black and white. Life is full of color. No one wants to have to work in a drab world with black and white and shades of gray – you would never see a rainbow! The same can be said about software. Why work in a dull software when there are options for so much more?

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is riddled with color. It is easier for the mind to recognize coloring or pictures, than it is for the mind to register words. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic has pictures and colors throughout the software. Ever notice this? LOL! If you have ever opened the software then the answer would be an obvious YES. Do you know what all of the different indicators mean? This answer might not be as obvious.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Indicators & Symbols

There are the easy indicators, like the coloring of the wires. The coloring is more the user of the software, than it is for the viewer or customer of the end resulting schematic. Cross-referencing uses the coloring for showing the user the differences between used contacts, spare contacts, or contacts with missing manufacturer’s parts. There are visual indicators even in the circuits that are used for any of the manufactured parts that are assigned to any component in your schematic.

Electrical Schematic PLC Manager

Did you know that there are light bulbs in the PLC manager? Do you know what they are for? Ever turn one off to see what it does? No? Well, any time you see a light bulb in the software, it is another visual indicator. When the light bulb is on, the item can be viewed and used. If the light bulb is turned off, it becomes invisible and therefore unused. Be careful of these! You can accidentally turn one off not realizing it!

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