How Does Data Management Help Meet Business Goals (an Introduction)

PDM Series - Business Challenges

Written by: Dennis Strieter, PDM Product Manager

If you’re like me, you get caught up in the daily grind spending most of your time thinking about getting the task at hand done, then occasionally consider how to improve your day-to-day work productivity. Sometimes we think about how that affects others in our company. But that’s even more rare.

When a subject like using data management tools comes up, we’re often challenged to consider how design and engineering processes effect not only the business goals in engineering, but also effect other departments and how all those processes mesh with goals that upper management has set for the company. After all, those are the folks we’ll be asking to invest in technologies to meet our challenges. You should expect them to ask for some level of justification.

My goal, over a series of blog articles, is to share how we have been able to meet the engineering, business and management goals that reach company objectives by using data management. Think about what happens if the right people in your company don’t get the information they need.

What happens if that information is delayed?

Perhaps worst of all… What happens if they don’t get the right information?

Data management supports a variety of engineering goals to prevent the situations above, a few being…

  • Security
  • Revision control
  • Collaboration
  • Data reuse

I’ll share how data management supports business and management goals like…

  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection
  • Increase margins
  • Innovative products/systems
  • Shorten delivery times

Different terms perhaps, but similar objectives. Over the year we’ll consider these and other common business objectives. To get started, review a webinar we did at DASI some time ago… “Getting PDM Ready” over in our Webinar Archives.

Each of our topics will have a webinar or video to support the discussion. If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see covered let me know at


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