Ongoing Professional Development for CAD Teams


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Written for DASI Solutions by SolidProfessor 

With advanced design software like SOLIDWORKS, it is essential to ensure your team is fully utilizing its capabilities in order to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS investment. It can be challenging for design teams to maintain proficiency with design tools and design in a standardized way.

Many CAD administrators work with tight budgets and are challenged with allocating sufficient budget for their team’s training needs. However, not properly training your team comes at a much higher cost. Lost productivity and needing to rework designs creates a huge cost in lost wages. In addition, with the high cost of CAD software, not utilizing its full capabilities creates a poor return on investment. Under-trained teams have more design errors, causing manufacturing delays and additional work. With all of these considerations, design teams can’t afford to avoid allocating budget to training.

The first step is a great foundation from classroom training. But your team’s training can’t stop there. Ongoing learning is essential to maintaining proficiency, continuing to improve skills, and staying up to date on the latest capabilities.

So, what are the key components to an ongoing skills development program?

Just-in-time learning

With just-in-time learning, your team can access information needed to complete a task at their time of need. Training is more effective when incorporated into a user’s work. Including on-demand training into an engineer’s work weeks dramatically increases knowledge retention. The most effective way to retain new skills is to learn them while solving daily engineering challenges. SolidProfessor’s powerful search capabilities provide answers to design questions quickly, even offering a SOLIDWORKS task pane add-in so members can view content without leaving the design environment.

SolidProfessor Lesson

Concise Lessons

People retain more information when presented material in small chunks, also called micro-learning. The presentation of information in bite sized segments is proven to be a more effective way to learn. SolidProfessor’s video lessons are typically less than five minutes long, giving members the answers they’re looking for quickly and improving knowledge retention.

Engaging Content

A well thought out professional development solution is only effective if your team actually uses it. Combining visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences engages each style of learner. In addition, SolidProfessor’s concept-based tutorials are reinforced with hands-on exercises, providing interactive and practical experience. Professional voice actors and scripting ensures that the production quality of the video lessons are engaging.

Precision Learning

With precision learning, CAD managers can customize professional development based on their team’s needs as well as individual skill levels. This process starts with a baseline assessment to find out where your team members excel and where they need improvement. Then, fill in knowledge gaps by assigning targeted lessons. SolidProfessor offers these administrative tools in the SolidProfessor for Teams solution, giving managers the ability to understand how to best standardize skills across their team.

Progress Tracking

Measuring progress is essential to making sure your professional development program is effective. With SolidProfessor’s Teams solution, online assessments allow managers to measure how much their team is learning. Demonstrating quantitative improvement is key for showing the effectiveness of your professional development program and makes it easy to continue to allocate budget to your program.


Ongoing learning is essential for keeping up to date with rapidly evolving technology in the emerging knowledge economy. Smart investments in ongoing training is the hallmark of successful engineers and high-growth companies.


By Tony Glockler, CEO of SolidProfessor

SolidProfessor provides next generation learning for teams, schools, and individuals to keep up with rapidly evolving engineering tools and technologies. Their online learning resources include video tutorials, hands-on exercises, and skills assessments to provide an engaging and effective learning experience.


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