SOLIDWORKS 2018 Beta is available! Here’s how you can start testing with it now.


Written by: Enrique Garcia, Application Engineer

If you are a SOLIDWORKS subscription customer, get a head start and begin testing the next release of SOLIDWORKS. Interested in knowing how your projects will run in next year’s release? Setup a test bed of SOLIDWORKS 2018 Beta away from your live data and start working through the possibilities of how you can optimize your workflows. Or start testing and planning your company upgrades for all SOLIDWORKS products early for a smooth company rollover to SOLIDWORKS 2018 when it is released or when the time is right.

If you want to get SOLIDWOKRS 2018 Beta, here’s how:

Login to your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account at

Once you are logged in, to be notified directly regarding SOLIDWORKS Beta programs in the future, lets change a setting. On the home page of your Customer Portal account, click on the “My Profile” link under Quick Links.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

Next, click the “Notify me for Beta Programs” check box under the “My Preferences” section.  Don’t forget to save your changes.

Customer Portal Preferences

Now that you have modified your preferences, return to the Customer Portal home page and click on the Beta Home page link to accept the Beta program agreement.

Beta Program Home Page

If you have never clicked on a beta download link or a Beta link for this release in general, you will be re-routed to the terms and conditions page. You will be told about the Beta contest and program, should you want to participate. Winners will win cash prizes for finding the most issues that are submitted under the “My SR’s” link form the home page depicted above with the Beta software. All details are given for all the contests related to the Beta program on this page.

SOLIDWORKS Beta Program Agreement

Once you accept the agreement, you will be taken to the Beta Home page. Click the Login button and return to the Customer Portal home page.

SOLIDWORKS Beta Program Login

You are now clear to download the 2018 Beta Install Manager.

The rest of the workflow is the same as downloading a typical release of SOLIDWORKS. On the home page,click on the Downloads and Updates link from of the Customer Portal.

SOLIDWORKS Beta Download

Select the 2018 category from the-drop down list to see the current software offerings.

(During the creation of this article we were at Beta 1, you may now see later Beta releases or a regular release of SOLIDWORKS depending on when you read this article.)

Download SOLIDWORKS Beta

Select the edition and accept the Beta version of the License agreement

Beta License Agreement

Click the download link to start downloading the Installation Manager.

***Note*** It is strongly recommended that Beta be installed on a different computer than the one used for your production use. Perhaps a secondary computer or a Virtual Machine would be ideal. If you do proceed to install Beta on a production computer, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. A Beta version of a software describes a version of the software that is still under development and should be used for feedback and testing only. There is a very reasonable risk of impacting any other SOLIDWORKS released installs that are also on that computer with Beta settings that can have a negative effect on your production install environment. The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager will also warn you with at least two warning messages if it detects other SOLIDWORKS installations on your computer.


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