Changes to the Two-Resistor Component Command in Flow Simulation After 2015

Flow Simulation Tech Tip

Written by: Enrique Garcia, Application Engineer

With Flow Simulation 2016 and 2017, users no longer must have two separate solid bodies for the use of the Two-Resistor Component feature available in the Electronics Cooling module. To add a Two-Resistor Component model to your Flow project, simply open the property manager and select the top surface of the one component that represents your chip. This selected top face will represent the case node and the software will automatically populate the “Components to apply the Two-Resistor” field with the corresponding part file. The bottom face of the component is still considered the board node and defined automatically internally. The face touching the board still needs to be parallel to the top face of the case.

Two-Resistor Component

For older projects that have existing Two-Resistor Component features already assigned, those instances will be automatically converted to the new style feature. You will not have to delete and re-apply these instances manually. Simply edit your Two-Resistor Component feature created in a previous version in 2016 or 2017, and you will be given a message to perform the conversion.

Resistor Component Conversion message

Flow Simulation will simply add both the previous case and junction bodies to the “Components to apply the Two-Resistor” field and choose the case surface.

Two-Resistor Component

Another benefit to this update regarding the Two-Resistor Component feature is that you no longer need to enter the dimensions of the chip when creating your custom Two-Resistor Components in the Engineering Database. The feature can automatically determine the width, length, and thickness of the structure.

Item Property Measurement

Item Property Measurements

In closing, I will reiterate that you can continue to use existing multi-body geometry representing the chip model moving forward to help minimize any changes to your model. When creating a Two-Resistor Component feature, you will simply choose both bodies for the selection box in the property manager. As long as the two solid bodies representing the junction and the case joints have their faces touching as was the condition before, the geometry will be valid for use in the updated Two-Resistor Component feature.


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