What’s New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019: Conditional Notifications

What's New - SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019

Written by: Bryce Hooper, Application Engineer

New to SOLIDWORKS 2019, PDM has a neat feature that may simplify our workflows or give us new options for notifications. We can now do notifications conditionally based on values on the data card. As you might imagine, this gives us a lot of flexibility.   

Conditional notifications work in two ways. One way is that we can notify based on the recipient in a variable value.

Base Notification Condition on Variable

This allows us to fill in values on the data card and, in the case of an ECN, assign responsibility and consistently notify them. In the past, we’ve had the option to use a dynamic notification, but this would require the user doing the transition to know who this needs to go to and remember to check the box.  Human error in this scenario can lead to users not getting the notification and work not getting done . 

The second option is to choose whether or not we are sending notifications at all based on conditions that we define. The conditions are set similarly to the same way we are used to with transitions.   

Setting Conditions for Notifications in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019

In the above scenario, as long as the checkbox isn’t checked that the document has been approved, we send out a notification. In previous versions, this would require conditions on the transitions and multiple transitions – one that sent the notification and one that did not. We can also set this up to send multiple conditional notifications. In this way, an ECN could notify multiple groups of users that may need to approve a document without multiple steps or an intricate web of transitions. 

Using the new tools we can see that notifications are more powerful than ever and are a great addition to our arsenal for managing and communicating data.


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