What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019: Topology Study – Export to Mesh Body

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019

Written by: Enrique Garcia, Application Engineer

In Topology studies, you can export your results obtained from calculating your smoothed mesh as a surface body or a solid body. Saving out mesh bodies can be a good way to quickly access desired mesh plot results from Topology Studies in case the original result files for the study are lost or inaccessible. 

To execute this function, right click on the Material Mass result plot desired and choose “Export Smoothed Mesh.”

Export Smoothed Mesh

In the Property manager under the Advanced Export, section you can choose “Graphics body“ “Solid body,” or “Surface body.”  When selecting the solid body or surface body option, you can choose the option for “Group facets into faces” so that you can later be able to select individual faces more easily on your export.

Topology Study - Advanced Export Options

Once Advanced Export options are selected, you can verify how you will want to save out your Mesh body. You can choose saving as a new part file, saving as a new configuration, or saving in the currently active configuration. 

Mesh Body Export


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