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Upcoming Webinar - Getting Started with Simulation Standard

By: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

In the Getting Started with Simulation Standard webinar, we will walk you through the vital first steps to make the best use of your Simulation tool.

In this webinar, we will cover the new tools that you have access to within SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard.

You can see the entire suite of Structural Simulation tools at our previous blog, here.

We will start by showing how you can create an easy-to-read template for your first simulations so that you don’t have to manually customize units and results over and over!

Simulation Options - Templates


After that, we will walk through some quick examples to show how to set up you first studies.

Torsion & Bending

Our first study will look at torsion and bending on a crank. We will follow some of the steps in the tutorial called “Analysis of an Assembly,” but we will explain some key concepts and common misconceptions along the way.

torsion and bending

Figure 1 – “Analysis of an Assembly” Tutorial


The Bolt Connector

Then we will look at one of the most common assembly connections, i.e., the bolt connector on a basketball rim. With connectors like the bolt connector, you can simplify and evaluate the interconnections between your components.

Bolt Connectors

Figure 2 – “Bolt Connectors” tutorial


Motion Study

And finally, we will run a SOLIDWORKS Motion study on a valve cam and spring assembly to determine how stiff of a valve spring we will need to maintain continuous contact.

Figure 3 – “SOLIDWORKS Motion” tutorial


Take the first step to get started on the right foot with Simulation Standard and view our webinar recording now!

Watch the Webinar Recording



Here are a few additional resources you can use to help you get started with Simulation Standard:

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