Reduce Cycle Times and Tool Wear with Volumil – SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional

Written by Marty Bucholz, Technical Support Engineer

The modern machine shop is always on the go. In order to meet customer demands we must make the most of our machines and cut down on cycle times. Taking advantage of the Volumil Technology found in SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional helps shops achieve cycle time improvements of 50-80% and improvements of up to 75% in tool wear.

Material removal times are at the heart of the process. With SOLIDWORKS CAM professional you get access to cutting-edge high-speed machining processes that require no special hardware or Machines. Cutting your roughing times in half or better along with the added bonus of drastically reduced tooling wear.

Here is an example of a standard tool path using standard roughing procedures.

Using a ¾ 2 flute cutter we see a cycle time of about 45 mins.

With The Volumil Technology found in SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional we can take advantage of more of the cutter and balance the loads to achieve cycle time improvements of 50-80%. This is on top of improvements of up to 75% in tool wear. Volumil achieves this by improving the way that tools cut their way through material, using high-speed continuous tangent motion rather than sharp, interrupted movements.  Along with better engagement of the cutting edge allows all of these improvements on any machine, no special equipment required.

Here we can see the other side of this part has been programmed using a Volumil tool path

The same amount of material removed with a 5/8th in 4 flute cutter takes the cycle time down to just over 18 mins. That is a 60% reduction in cycle time, using a smaller less expensive tool.

The Volumil technology that comes with SOLIDWORKS Cam Professional is another powerful way SOLIDWORKS helps you do your job better.

If this tools could significantly improve your workflow consider our 2 Day SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional Training Course  and gain a thorough understanding of CAM Professional  features.

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