Industrial Design Apprentice mentors local FIRST Robotics Team

When Jason Link from Aptek Inc. introduced himself to the Perry Rambots, a local FIRST Robotics team, the robotics coach Jan Luft was thrilled, “We are a small, rural school and obtaining mentoring and funding for the program is one of our biggest challenges.  When Jason said that he would like to be involved with our program, I was ecstatic!”

Jason pursued the volunteer opportunity to satisfy the STEM outreach mentoring requirement of the Industrial Design Apprenticeship Program. A 2 year work/study apprenticeship that culminates with apprentice students sharing their knowledge with the community through a mentoring capstone project.

As a team mentor Jason shared his a deep knowledge of SOLIDWORKS, metal fabrication 3D printing, and more.

“Before Jason came along I had one student on the team who took it upon herself to learn SOLIDWORKS.” Jan explains, “Since she was self-taught, she had many questions and no one to answer them.  She was pretty frustrated.  Jason came along and answered all of her questions and was able to show her the correct way to design.

I believe this Fall, thanks to Jason, I will have more students with an interest in learning SOLIDWORKS for our team.  I hope to have someone enjoy SOLIDWORKS so much that they will pursue this for a career.  Jason, I know, will be right there giving encouragement and assistance.”

The Industrial Design Apprenticeship Program was authored by DASI Solutions in 2014 to help bridge the skilled trades’ gap, in addition to advancing the skill set of any engineer in industry. The two year program includes work and classroom components, as well as a mentoring capstone project to wrap up the final year. All apprentices who complete the Apprenticeship Program will receive a Journeyman’s Card along with the opportunity to earn internationally recognized SOLIDWORKS Certifications.

The DASI Solutions Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship program in partnership with Focus HOPE received part of the 3 million American Apprenticeship Initiative  grant from the Department of Labor in 2015.

“Jason volunteered hours and hours with team RAMBOTS during the 2019 season and I hope to see him again working with these young adults and giving them direction in CAD, designing a competitive robot for the new game, and  fabricating parts for us at Aptek, Inc!” – Jan Luft, PHS Mathematics Dept, Robotics Coach, Team #6548 Rambots





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