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Improve SolidWorks Data Publishing

WEBINAR: “Improve Your Data Publishing with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM” FRI July 26 @ 11:30am | Register now >> Great news! You just wrapped up a 2 week ‘hot’ design project that everyone has been waiting on for the last week. … Continue reading

Jobs and Technology

I guess that the economy in our great state of Michigan has begun to turn around! How can I tell? You can listen to the news reports we hear on the radio and television, or to the speeches and sound … Continue reading

“Time” is a Four Letter Word

Whenever I have a deadline looming, a calendar alarm ringing or feeling pressed for time I think back to a play my children did in grade school… “Time, it’s a Four Letter Word.” That play taught the kids a number … Continue reading

SolidWorks Performance: Myths, Urban Legends, Tips and Facts

Throughout the years CAD users have been on a quest to get the maximum performance from their engineering environment and 3D models… SolidWorks’ Users are no different! It’s probably a trait that’s buried deep in an engineer’s DNA, wanting to … Continue reading