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Working Across the Network vs. Working Locally

Powerful software tools like SolidWorks create amazingly complex files that are  detailed and accurate to many decimal places. So it goes without saying that the management of this data presents a challenge when it comes to optimizing performance while still … Continue reading

SolidWorks Composer Data Paths for Multi User Environment

When 2 or more SolidWorks Composer users want to share common styles and workshop profiles, it is best to store the standards on the network, or better yet in a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault. Though this may not ‘currently’ be … Continue reading

Who’s logged into your EPDM Vault?

In a multi-user environment, it’s very nice to be able to visualize usage of a system without having to as everyone if they are in the vault.  This helps manage license usage as well as easily seeing who is utilizing … Continue reading

Taskbar Icons That Behave

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you install a new piece of software, you make sure your Desktop, Taskbar and Start Menu are set the way you like to you can get to your tools anytime you need. … Continue reading

Quicker Access to Tools = Quick Productivity Gains

SolidWorks development has never been known to write code and then never look at it again. In SolidWorks 2014, there are dozens of enhancements that simply refine access to existing tools, eliminating countless button picks that translate to real and … Continue reading