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With all the feature additions and modifications in SOLIDWORKS it’s not always possible to recall where or how some features are applied. SOLIDWORKS has made the ability to access the information for the commands very simple. The old reliable SOLIDWORKS help document is … Continue reading

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Revisiting Your Copy Settings Wizard

Most users run the SolidWorks Copy Settings Wizard after they have initially set up the SolidWorks interface to their liking. The problem with this is you turn on all the possible options you may use and leave them at that. In most … Continue reading

Changing Your SolidWorks Serial Number

NOTE: Click here for an updated version of this blog article (updated on 1/11/19)   There might be a time when you need to change the serial number used for your SolidWorks installation. For example, it is need if… your … Continue reading

What do you mean my activation count is EXCEEDED??!!

NOTE: An update to this blog has been posted in April 2017. View it here. Enough of us have seen this message before. We all cringe when it happens and then try to figure out who we have to scramble … Continue reading

SolidWorks “Freeze” Saves You Time

New in Solidworks 2012 is a tool that allows you to take charge of your models and give you time back in your busy schedule. How many of us work with import bodies, large data sets, or complex models? We find … Continue reading