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Why Customization and Personalization is perfect for a Wide Range of Industries

[Monthly Partner Product Spotlight]  Written for DASI Solutions by DriveWorks In today’s market, customization is highly sought after and the ability to personalize products to suit a customer’s individual requirements is now allowing companies to sell endless combinations of their products. … Continue reading

How to Rename a Project in DriveWorks Solo

Renaming the project does not affect any of the models used by the project. A DriveWorks Solo project consists of three files, all of which have the name name but a different file extension. The name of each fule is … Continue reading

How To Import Your DriveWorks Solo Project into DriveWorks

Prerequesites Before you import a DriveWorks Solo project, you need to: Create or open a DriveWorks group into which you want to migrate the DriveWorks Solo project. Launch the New Project Wizard Walkthrough

DriveWorks Solo – 3 for 2 Promotion

For a limited time only – 3 seats of DriveWorks Solo for the price of 2!* SAVE on software – 3 for 2 SAVE on 1st Year Subscription – Included on all 3 seats SAVE on Training – FREE and … Continue reading

Get a FREE copy of the DriveWorks Little Book of Rules

Retail value of $18.75 If you’ve been using DriveWorksXpress to automate your SolidWorks designs, why not give DriveWorks Solo a try and experience all the extra functionality and benefits offered. Just download the DriveWorks Solo FREE 30 day trial and … Continue reading